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Expanding our global reach

As a global travel retailer with a presence in over 30 countries and more than 125 airports around the world, WHSmith is synonymous with the travelling experience, having exposure to millions of travellers every year.

From the United States to Australia, the Middle East, Asia and Europe, we have over 650 stores outside of the UK, and we are continuing to grow our International business. Whether we’re looking for new store locations or working hard to ensure our existing stores are providing outstanding customer service and operating successfully, we know that when journeying through an airport, it’s the destination that matters to our customers and the journey that matters to us.

We are constantly innovating and adapting to ensure our customers receive the best experience possible. Whether it is through sourcing the latest digital accessories and bestselling books or food to go in each territory, or through the expansion and distinct style of our US retail business, WHSmith North America, or the first-class customer experience we provide under our technology brand, InMotion.

District Market store frontage in San Francisco
Two Madrid colleagues taking to each other instore
  • North America
  • Europe
  • Australia & Asia
  • Middle East & India

With a small market share across the globe, the opportunities are substantial, and we’re committed to our future as a global travel retailer.

So, wherever your career journey is taking you, there’s a good chance that we’ve already arrived at your destination. Find out more below about our International locations and how we can support you on your career journey there!

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