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The US is the largest travel retail market in the world and the growth opportunities are substantial, so, our North America retail business really is an exciting place to work!

WHSmith North America incorporates our US businesses Marshall Retail Group (MRG) and InMotion.

MRG is a leading and fast-growing speciality retailer in the US. Through MRG we operate more than 320 stores across North America offering a distinct style and unique retail experiences with the travelling customer in mind. We have a diverse portfolio of stores which include news and gift stores and travel accessories as well as licensed brands.

Marshall Retail store in Bowery Bay - La Guardia airport
District Market storefront in Baltimore

Our leading global technology retail brand, InMotion, also operate over 120 stores across North America, serving customers' needs for any adventure. We carry the most cutting-edge premium electronics from leading international brands, offering the excitement of a first-class customer experience.

WHSmith North America has a Support Centre based in Las Vegas, and we also have a number of roles across the Group based in London that support our US teams.

If you’d like to start your career journey with WHSmith North America or in one of our stores, please get in touch at recruitmentteam@whsmith.co.uk.

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Colleague smiling

There are two things that stand out for me about my career, first is the ability to be my own entrepreneur within a big company given the autonomy to make decisions and feeling empowered. The second is the focus on people and career development.

Felicity / International, Divisional Merchandise Manager, Marshall Retail Group - North America
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Jennifer smiling

I have learned so much from my journey here, and I am grateful for the new space this partnership has provided to collaborate, exchange knowledge and learn from our team in the UK.

Jennifer / International, Director of Communications and Public Relations , Marshall Retail Group - North America
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