Hear Nageeb’s Story

Nageeb / WHSmith High Street, Graduate IT, 2023 Cohort


My journey started as a sales assistant in a small store in Holborn, which I worked part-time in during my last year of university in 2023. I applied for the graduate programme as soon as I found about the scheme’s existence as it suited to my criteria and believed my experience as a sales assistant could bring value to WHSmith

My experience as a sales assistant taught me context and the values of the company, which was very important when it came to the interview. I understood the questions clearly while answering them with context to my time as a sales assistant, which was quite advantageous. The tasks that were given to us required analytical and communication skills that I also developed as a sales assistant.

My time on the programme has been wonderful so far, I have made many new friends, and the office culture is really welcoming and kind. The programme has kept me busy whilst also allowed me new opportunities to take upon. I look forward to my future on this programme!