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Colleague chatting in Head Office

I think everyone's got an opportunity to start wherever they are and build up a better future.

Parminder / , DC Operative
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Colleague chatting in Head Office

We're a passionate team who want to deliver results. Everyone in the team is high performing everyone in the team is conscientious and wants to do a good job.

Mike / , Trading Controller - Trading, General Merchandising
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Colleague chatting in Head Office

There's always something different going on everyone supports everyone no matter how busy they are. They'll always make time for you and you can grow.

Katie / whsmith, Trading Financial Controller, Swindon
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Colleague chatting in Head Office

It's always very rewarding once you can finally see it in stores or see the results of all your hard work. I was after something that was fast-paced that I could get lots of experience and lots of different areas.

Hayley / , Senior Commercial Manager - Group Commercial Development
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Kevin smiling in Head Office

I would describe WHSmith as inclusive, this is really important to me, being a French person and with Vietnamese heritage. Since I joined the company, really, I’ve always felt included

Kevin / WHSmith Travel, Merchandiser, London
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Colleague in Madrid Airport store

I have really enjoyed the journey so far and I'm very excited about the future here with all the new store openings across Spain.

Belen / International, Store Manager, Murcia Airport
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Colleague in Madrid Airport store

For me, it's very exciting to see how fast the business is growing and it's great to be part of the growth! My favourite time in Alicante is the summer season because there's a lot of action and we give a very good customer service.

Maria / International, Store Manager, Alicante Airport
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Colleague in Costa store London St Thomas

The Diversity is amazing at Costa. There's fantastic teamwork and giving service to customers, especially patients, is fulfilling!

Ali / Costa, Barista, St Thomas Hospital
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